Lose Your Weight With The Natural Way By Irvingia Gabonesis

Irvingia gabonensis Plant

Weight loss is a tension now; our eating habits are always a cause of obesity and are an invitation to many diseases. The African mango pillin is extracted from Irvingia Gabonensis which is a native to West Africa.

The fruit is like that of Mango and is used as food by many local people. Hence is called the African mango pills used as a supplement for not just weight loss, but at the same time is also going to help with lowering cholesterol levels and improving control of diabetes.

Irvingia Gabonesis working

The irvingia gabonensis in the form of the mango pillin helps with lowering the cholesterol level. The reason behind using the supplement is the fiber content which is going to help with cholesterol management and improving the control of diabetes.

Read African Mango review to know how the fiber acts on removing the cholesterol by digesting the extra fat or breaking down the lipid content in the body. This is also going to help with reducing the growth of fat cells and increasing the breakdown of the lipid molecules. The optimal and effective priority of the irvingia gabonensis is considered safe for short term use and that too in an appropriate dosage.

As per medical results from this product, it is being confirmed that the African mango pillins are w name for obesity killer and is popular to prevent the synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids with reducing blood sugar level.


The African mango pillin are being taken with antidiabetes drugs then there are a lot more chances of hypoglycemia. As in the blood of diabetic patients, the blood glucose must be monitored closely.

With this there must not be any kind of food interaction. The dosage of this is taken by individuals that range from 150 to 3200 mg daily alongside meals. There is no typical dosage relating to this supplement.

Irvingia Gabonensis Facts


The irvingia gabonensis is a considerable species which mainly produces a fruit known as African mango, hence is the base to make these African mango pillins.


The African mango pillins are going to help with solving a major health issues. These are like:-


As per researchers it is confirmed that, African mango extracted and designed from irvingia gabonensis if consumed by mouth daily for a month is going to decrease blood sugar. The total cholesterol and triglycerides is going to increase good amount of high density lipoprotein cholesterol in those who are suffering from type2 diabetes.

Higher cholesterol

Cholesterol is called a harmful component as a biomolecule. Consuming this is going to reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol level in people. For those who are overweight would surely get effective remedy after its consumption.


Obesity being a major cause of various diseases would now get sorted by helping with reducing weight in people who are overweight when it’s combined with a low calorie diet.

Safety and cons

This is possibly safe for consuming but for adults who take it up to 4 weeks continuously. The only side effect being reported yet is like flatulence, headaches and sleeping problems. For those with pregnancy and breast feeding is going to get more of side effects.

So they are preferred with not using it. Secondly those who are diabetic must take a check to their blood sugar level. As this is going to reduce the blood sugar level sooner. As it is affecting the blood sugar level, so it is necessary to have a control on its intake during and after surgery. It is recommended to stop taking the African mango pillin at least 2 weeks before any kind of surgery.


The plant grows well in moist to west climate. In low land tropics and is elevated from 200 to 500 metres. This grows best in areas where the annual daytime temperature is within range of 25 to 32 degrees.

This can tolerate 1200 to 3300 mm of rainfall annually. Apart from medicinal usage, this is also used in making tablets and its bark and roots contains tannins. The fruit pulp is used to arrange a black dye when it comes to cloth as well as fat extracted from the seed which is mainly suitable for making soap and other industrial usages.

The seed have a short period of viability and is preferred to be harvested when ripen. The germination process of these takes more than 14 days.

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