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African Mango is truly the holy grail of Weight Loss. Right on this day last year, I came to know about them by reading some African mango reviews from users. These species of Mangoes are found in the Rainforest of Africa. They not only helped to lose weight, Right now I have the lowest cholesterol and Leptin Levels in my Body. This Juicy fruit has been the diet of many tribes in Africa, and no one had ever thought that it could be so amazing. This Fruit again proved why Nature has all the answers.

Who I am?

I am a regular office guy who hardly gets time to spend for anything else than job and sleeping. I started suffering from obesity, and I was really unable to see or touch my toes. This was just the beginning, and then I started having heart burns, unable to walk or run for even 100 meters. After that I made the worst mistake of my life, I started exercising and dieting. So, what I got, nothing? Exercising and dieting did more harm to me than ever.

I Thought I would lose my fats, but I lost everything else than Fat. The Energy level of my body was highly depleted, and I was not able to work as I use to do. I was feeling dizzier and restlessness. Here, I don’t mean that Exercise and Diet are not good but also not enough.

One day, after a tireless running at the park in my city, I sat beside a lady. I use to see her every day but never thought of talking to her. That day, when we sat together, she told me about African Mango and how it helped her to lose weight. What day, I was surprised how a Mango supplement can help to lose weight.

I talked with my gym trainer, and he was surprised that How I don’t know about African Mangos. I recommend me a nutritionist, and she helped get African Mango Diet pills and Trust me, I lost 30 kg under a year and had my school crush on my arms.

What Is African Mango?

In Central and Western African Rain Forests we will find a fruit with the Latin name “Irvingia gabonensis” similar to mango, so it is called African Mango. Apart from that, it has various local names like dike nut, Bush Mango, etc. This fruit is not exactly a mango, and its seed is Protein rich as well as Fat, which is used to create the most Amazing Diet Pills.

However, this Amazing fruit has biophysical Limits, which means it will only grow in Africa. This tree needs a temperature of 20-39°C. It requires a rainfall of 120cm-150cm which is a lot and hardly found anywhere else than African Rain forest.

In Africa, it is believed that this tree takes 15 years until it gives fruits from the african mango seed . This is the reason, why this African Mango tree is mostly scattered all over in Wild lands. However recent Studies proved that it takes about 4 years for a newly planted tree for flowering.

Germination Rate for this tree is also very low, and it usually fails when not handled carefully. Earlier Elephants and Gorilla like herbivorous Animals were largely responsible for dispersion. As the number of these animals is decreasing, the plantation was in decline too.

This Plant depends mainly on Humans for Dispersion and after 1990’s plantation for this plant took up the pace. Not only for Weight loss, people process it to prepare juice, jams and also wines. The mango seed is even consumed by raw or roasted. Last but not least, the pulp is used for coloring with black Dye.

African Mango Ingredients

African Mango is juicy and sweet even it can be eaten fresh, and a 100g of it will give you 60 Calories. It has about 81g of water, Carbohydrate of about 16G, 1G of Protein, Fat of 1.5G, Calcium of something 180 mg, Vitamin of 60 mg and Vitamin C of 6g.

If we will talk about african mango seed, it is much more nutritious than the Pulp. It will give you about 600 calories for 100 grams. It will provide you with about 60 gram of Fat, Carbohydrate between 10-15 grams, Protein about 8-10 grams, Water about 10 gram, Calcium from 100-120 mg and Iron about 2-2.5 mg. Along with these, it is also rich some of the natural Fatty acids like myristic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid.

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Benefits of Using African Mango

African mango has been a part of the diet for all the Tribes who are part of Central and Western Africa. Africa has some of the world’s most remote places and lots more to discover. This Discovery in Africa had created a demand on an International Level. This Beautiful thing can’t have only one such benefit but a lot more than regular Mangos. So

Let see some of the most recently recognized and scientifically proven Benefits in African Mango.

Fat Burning and Weight Loss

DB-RCT recently carried out a 10-week test with over 120 Volunteers with Overweight. The Conclusion was amazing; it was able to reduce fat by 6.0 Avg% and waist Line Circumference by 16.2% avg. It again conducted another test with over 40 subjects of Obesity.

The results were amazing; there was the significant decrease in Body weight also a fall in Bad Cholesterol and Rise in Good Cholesterol. With Tremendous Success in first two Tests, they did another test but introduced Cissus quadrangularis A famous Plant Rich in Calcium. This Time the result was even better, there was a decrease in fat by over 20%. Even the Placebo consumers were recorded with some good results but not as good as one, given the AMDS.

Rise in Good Cholesterol and fall in Bad Cholesterol

This was not expected, but it was right after all. During one of the tests by DB-RCT, it was proved that by taking the African Mango Supplement, there are good effects on Cholesterol. There is a fall in LBL Or lousy cholesterol “Low-density lipoprotein” by 46%, and there is a rise in Good Cholesterol “High-density lipoproteins” by 46%.

A decrease in Blood Sugar Level

If we take a diet rich in Soluble Fiber, it helps in maintaining a proper level of blood sugar in people. African Mango is rich in Soluble Fiber which helps in combating Diabetes. This is too verified and Recognized in a test organized with over 102 subjects where some were given a placebo. This step was taken to ensure, the randomness and security of the results.

Antioxidant Properties

There was a Cell-based study conducted on African mango. It shows that African Mango has over 70% Antioxidant Property, which is quietly impressive. Hence, it can protect from Heavy Metal Toxicity too. They experimented a rat, and surprisingly it improved the liver Functionality.

Pain Relieving Agent

The extracts collected from the barks of the African mango tree were able to Relief Pain caused by Pressure and heat. This is not entirely proved yet, we can expect it shortly.

African Mango Reviews: A Magic Weight Loss Supplement

African Mango Pills Review

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Let me Explain How I was taking this supplement and it worked out. I take pill of Mango Extracts twice a day for a year now, and the result is extraordinary. In First one month, I started feeling very light as compared to earlier and even more active than ever. This is not a myth, after only a month of taking this; I had a remarkable lose in Weight as well as Body Fat. I even tested my Cholesterol, and it was well maintained too. If I can still recall, I can run and walk in parks for a long time covering a longer distance.

I was pleased that my Health condition was improving. In the Beginning, I have mentioned how my feel was burning in my heart, and it is gone now. If you are serious about health, then you should give it a try. Along with this Magical Extract, if you can manage to walk for some 15-20 minutes in Neighborhood, Ti will have an extended effect on your body.

This Holy Grail of Losing weight also helped me in maintaining glucose level in my body even C-reactive protein and adiponectin. If you are afraid about Side Effect, let me tell you, I have been taking it for a year now. I did not feel anything wrong even my body check up shows no effect. This is an entirely natural Product, which Africans consume every day, so there is no chance of Side Effect.

This is kinds optional for you, as after a few months I started taking cissus along with African Mango Pills and the average weight reduction rate improved by some 30-40%. Cissus is Already known as Popular Ayurvedic Medicine, best known for Bone Health too.

What Research Says & Science Behind It?

African Mango Benefits and the science

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The Miracle of African Mango supplement is also recognized by govt, of the United States. We will now discuss how a Scientific Experiment was conducted and how it proved the Significant Development in Health.

This Experiment was started in March 2009 to Mid-June, 2009. A group of 102 Obese volunteers was recruited. To ensure, the result is correct; some were given Placebo instead of AMDS (African Mango Dietary Supplements). Such kinds of Randomness will confirm it is really effective against fat and Weight loss.

After 10 weeks, the Volunteers given Placebo visually did not affect them but the Group of Obese Volunteers who took ADMS to show a remarkable weight loss with an average of 28 pounds. It is also observed that there is a Decrease of 6inches average decrease in waistline along with Body Fat reduction by 18% average.

Weight Lose Recorded

The Average weight of placebo was recorded as 210 pounds compared to 187 pounds in ADMS Consumers. Likewise, the average waistline difference was 40 inches by 34 inches. Body Fat is recorded in both of the groups, but the ADMS Consumers are a far head with 6% compared 1.4% of Placebo.

Cholesterol Level recorded

The Weight loss recorded alone made the day, but we got another surprise too. Researchers already had the previous record of cholesterol in the body of the Subjects. Here also, both the placebo subjects and ADMS Subjects had changes in their Cholesterol Level. In the Placebo subjects, there was an average decrease of 1.6% in their cholesterol subject while the ADMS Subjects had 27.3% in their Cholesterol level.

Blood Glucose Levels

In this Segment too, surprisingly both groups have developments. As Placebo takers had an increment of 5.3% increment in Blood Glucose Level as compared to 22.5% rise in ADMS Consumers.

African Mango Weight Loss Success Stories

Here I am Going to share some of the Best Weight Loss Success Stores I have heard from my community, to whom I suggested African Mango Supplements and some best Stories from Facebook, Quora, Tumblr even in Reddit.

Klara Sanderson

I am Accountant in SettleVallie County in Kentucky. After My Marriage and I had a rapid growth of fat in Body. I have a one beautiful Baby Girl and a Naughty Boy of 11. I was Really Feeling bad; I can’t spend some fun times with them. My Work didn’t allow me to have much time for Exercises or Gym. I even joined a Yoga Class But it was hopeless.

One day my Friend suggested me to take African Mango Diet Pills; I was Septic if it would have any side effect. He assured me, it’s a natural Product, and It’s been consumed by People for Centuries now. I ordered one of those online and started taking 2 pills a day. After One Month, I Suddenly felt very fresh, light and as if many bodies is full on Energy now. I meet my doctor, and he did some tests.

The Results were terrific. I lose over 5 pounds and about 2 inches in the waistline. My Cholesterol Level is decreased too. Now I can play with my kids and make much better care for them. After 3 months of the continuous taking of African Mango Pills, I Have loosed some 18 pounds till now. After losing weight and waistline it not only, made me feel healthy, but I got a new confidence now. These Magical Pills changed my life.

Sanjay Singh

I am From Seattle, Washington. I have been working as an IT Professional for a long time. AS per my job, I spend most of my day behind the desk, doing some of the most critical tasks for my Company.

It led me to a very unhealthy Lifestyle, and I had no time for Exercises or even time to spend with my Wife. In Just 2-3 years, I gained over 40 pounds, and I Can’t explains how I feel about the pain in my chest, my cholesterol was high too.

I was feeling uncomfortable in my social life. Suddenly one day, I met one of my old friends in a Farmer’s Market, and He was Surprised to see my shape, but he was still that Fit as he uses to be in College days.

We were talking, and he suggested me to take African Mango Diet Pills. I didn’t make it too much attention, how the hell can pill burn your fats? One day, I got a package, it was from him. He actually sent me one of those pills he suggested that day.

He assures me, it won’t harm me anyway. As it is a natural Product as well as Non-GMO and Vegan-Friendly too. I was Nervous but 2 pills each day. He used to call me and ask me if I take those Pills in time. After 2-3months, he came to visit me and told me to check me waist life. I was completely shocked; I lost over 7 inches in 11 weeks.

That Day, we luckily got a Physicist appointment, he ran a few tests on my blood and weight too. It was really amazing to see that I have lost over 21 pounds in 3 months. My Physicist was also shocked, asked me it had any side effects. I said Absolutely Nothing. Now I can spend more time in bed with my wife, and I got my lost Confidence and felt more secure.

African Mango Diet Pills Reviews

African Mango Supplements

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I will give 10/10 for this Miraculous Fat Burner. Well, my Review or Rating is not quite enough. So I started looking online for what others say about it. I saw a mixed review everywhere. Of course, there are more positive African Mango reviews than negative one. Most of the Negative Reviews are related to the side effects of this supplements which are not recognized till now. Still, few people have felt Headache, Loose motion even some have face acne and itching too.

Such kinds of Side effects may be possible if there are any chemical compositions in the Diet Pills you are taking. It is also possible that they may be having any sort of allergic reaction. Even sometimes our body rejects when we bring something new, it can be a reason too. Though such kind of side effects are reported but not yet recognized. So it will be good to go.

Final Verdict

In my research and my personal Encounter with people who are taking these African Mango Diet Pills are satisfied with it. This Diet Pill is not only about Losing fat, but I see people with Diabetes and Blood Pressure are taking it too. It has such properties which help them to fight Diabetes as well as high Blood Pressure.

Even these days, it is being researched more, and it is believed to work as Pain Killer too. Well, time will tell about it, but the Fat Burner is proofed and recognized by United States Government itself also. You take it as Tablet or a Powder just be sure; you are buying it from the right place and right brand. The One I used and suggested you are the wholly Vegan-Friendly and NON-GMO AMDS.

The last call is yours if you are interested in taking some fancy Artificial Chemicals or some processed right from nature. Now come on, African Peoples love to eat it raw. In my last visit to Ghana, I had some of these African Mangos. They really taste sweet and kind but entirely different from the one available in the United States. Mango is often called the King of Fruits by our Ancestors may be they tried to tell us to know about this fantastic African Mango.

African Mango Review
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